"Doctor" ... from Medieval Latin doctor "religious teacher, adviser, scholar," in classical Latin "teacher," agent noun from docere "to show, teach, cause to know" [excerpt Online Etymology Dictionary ]

Your wellness strategy

"Your Wellness Strategy" is a wellness program for both individuals and groups that is first and foremost focused on 'results'.

Good health is not just about taking care of your physical body, but also your attitude, beliefs, habits and expectations. Even if you're eating all the right foods, and doing regular exercise, consistently being negative, blaming and complaining, will negatively affect your health and wellbeing.

As a first step in your progress to health and wellbeing, we often suggest (for those having chronic health issues) that you undergo an RBTI Biochemical Analysis.

Radical Remissions From Cancer: 9 Key Factors

Dr Kelly Turner has extensively researched the factors involved in radical remissions of cancer (typically called "spontaneous remissions" or "spontaneous regressions" in the medical literature) and found there are 9 factors that are common to all such cases. They are

• Radically changing your diet
• Taking control of your health
• Following your intuition
• Using herbs and supplements
• Releasing suppressed emotions
• Increasing positive emotions
• Embracing social support
• Deepening your spiritual connection
• Having strong reasons for living

As Dr Turner explains "It is important to note that these are not listed in any kind of ranking order. There is no clear “winner” among these factors. Rather, all nine were mentioned just as frequently in my interviews.”

Dr Kelly Turner, "Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds" (www.radicalremission.com)


What is a belief-system?

Your belief-system is what causes you to think and feel the way you do. Your belief-system will determine whether you’re depressed, happy, sad, excited, or bored.

Your belief-system determines your courage, fears and behaviours.

You only need to examine your life to see your belief-system at work, as reflected in your level of success, your health, wellbeing and the quality of your relationships.

A great big elephant

What's real, hugely important to health, but mostly avoided or ignored?

There's a "great big elephant in the room"1 -- a startling, well-verified fact about health and wellbeing that is being avoided, even though it is oh-so obvious.

With the help of decades of solid research we now know that the number one cause for ill-health and early death is ...  NOT obesity, or smoking or bad diet, or bad genes, or any of the other lifestyle factors most think of.

What Sir Prof. Michael Marmot and others have found is that the number one factor in your ill-health is "lack of control over your life." This by far determines the level of your wellbeing and health.

"Autonomy - how much control you have over your life - and the opportunities you have for full social engagement and participation are crucial for health, well-being, and longevity."2